Program Sukan Perpaduan Asrama Malaysia 2023

28th July 2023-

Sabah College witnessed an exhilarating sports event on July 28th, as the prestigious institution concluded the six-days-long “Program Sukan Perpaduan Asrama.” This grand finale marked the successful culmination of a unifying sports program that brought together students from all 14 states of Malaysia. The event was a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and unity among the boarding school students.

The “Program Sukan Perpaduan Asrama” initiative promoted inclusivity, sportsmanship, and cultural exchange among the nation’s youth. Organized annually, the program rotates its host among different boarding school institutions throughout Malaysia, and this year, Sabah College had the honor of being the host.


Fara Edliyana bt Anjas Asmara ||

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