Singgah Sahur and Iftar Together

PREFECTS LEAGUE BOARD & AMAL PREFECTS – 15th-16th & 18th April 2023

On the 14th of April 2023, Sabah College Prefects League Board, and AMAL Prefects collaborated in an activity of Sahoor, an activity of eating a meal between midnight and dawn to prepare for next day’s fast, where they cooked an prepared a meal for everyone involved.

The activity took place in one of the dorms at Asrama Malaysia Sabah. The female participants cooked and prepared the meal while the male participants prepared the eating area.

Two days later, they had also organized an Iftar together, where they would bring food and drinks to break their fasts.

These activities are apart of the Mutiara Kasih Ramadan program being hosted during the entirety of the holy month of Ramadan. We hope that the activities had brought everyone involved more closer as a community than ever.


Fara Edliyana bt Anjas Asmara ||

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